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  • What are the facilities at the mansion?
    A reception hall, a game room, a lounge bar, an outdoor terrace, a bridal barn, an outdoor area for ceremonies or recreational activities, a Nordic spa, a private beach, and a hiking trail
  • What is the parking capacity and do you have charging terminals?
    For up to 50 vehicles, we have not yet installed electric charging stations, unfortunately
  • How many rooms does the mansion have?
    25 rooms, including 3 suites on two floors. A room layout is available upon request
  • What is the accommodation capacity of the manor?
    110 people
  • How many key card are given per room?
    Two (2) per room
  • Do we have to bring our bedding?
    No. Everything is included
  • Is there air conditioning in the rooms?
    No, only in the common areas of the Manor
  • Are there irons available in the rooms?
  • Are there refrigerators in the rooms?
  • Does each room have a private bathroom?
  • Are the bathrooms equipped with hygiene products such as shampoo and shower gel?
    Yes, we offer a shampoo that serves as an all-in-one solution
  • Are bath towels provided?
    Yes, for single use in the rooms
  • Should we bring our towels for the spa or the beach?
  • What are the dimensions of the beds?
    The types of beds vary depending on the room. In our rooms, you can find king-sized beds, queen beds, double beds, wall beds, and sofa beds
  • Do all rooms have a balcony?
    Most of our rooms come with a private balcony!
  • Is there a coffee maker in the rooms?
  • Do we have access to the kitchen the day before our wedding?
    Yes, you have access to the kitchen, but please clean and vacate it by 1 PM on your wedding day to allow access for our catering service. Your supplies should be placed in the cloakroom
  • Is there an oven available for our use in the kitchen?
  • Is the kitchen equipped with pots and cooking utensils?
  • Are cutlery and tableware available during our stay?
  • Does the commercial kitchen have a microwave?
  • Is the fryer available for customers?
    No, the deep fryer is available for use by the catering service only
  • Do you have a freezer?
    No, you have access to the cold room and the bar refrigerator
  • Does the kitchen have a commercial dishwasher?
  • Is there an ice maker?
  • Do you have wine buckets available?
    No, wine tastings at the manor are available only during the catering service provided by Manoir Montpellier
  • Are there specific times to access the spa?
  • Is the beach private?
    Yes, the beach is exclusively reserved for your group
  • What watercraft options are available?
    We provide two kayaks for your use. If you or your guests have paddleboards or other similar equipment, you are free to use them
  • Does the mansion have a massage room?
  • Is the massage therapy service available?
    No, however, you have the option to hire a professional for this service
  • Is there a space provided for a campfire?
  • Do we have access to a barbecue (BBQ)?
  • Is the mansion equipped with a generator?
  • Is the water drinkable?
  • Is there an accommodation tax?
    Yes, a 3.5% tax is required for stays of fewer than 31 days in an accommodation facility
  • How do I book a wedding date at the manor?
    To book a wedding date at the manor, please contact our Special Events team at (514) 533-0324 or send an email to! They will be happy to guide you through the reservation process and answer any questions you may have
  • "Is the deposit refundable if I reserve a wedding date with you but need to cancel?"
    No, however, we always try to find a solution that could be suitable for both parties, such as rescheduling the event or even changing the type of event in certain cases
  • Can we reschedule our booked dates to the following year for various reasons while maintaining the same contract?
    Yes, you have the option to move your dates. However, please note that a new contract will need to be established at the current rates for the year you have chosen, which will void the original contract. Any changes to the dates or fees may be subject to mutual agreement, and a fee may apply if changes are not requested within a reasonable timeframe before your scheduled event
  • Will the deposit be taken into account when we move our dates?
    A second deposit, in the amount of the current year's deposit, will need to be added to the new contract
  • After signing the contract, when can we expect to be contacted by the Mansion Events Coordinator?
    Due to high demand in recent years, if you have any questions before a representative contacts you, feel free to reach out to them directly. All necessary information, including the name of your assigned representative, will be provided to you upon contract signing.
  • What is the process for planning our wedding with the manor after our contract is signed?
    Once in touch with your wedding coordinator, she will provide you with the necessary tools for planning. Then, 30 days before your big day, you will need to complete the online forms for all the details, including three seating plans. The coordinator will be available to assist you throughout your preparation, answering your questions during customer service hours, which are from 9 AM to 7 PM
  • Do we have a wedding planner?
    No, our wedding coordinator will work closely with your wedding planner or the person you have designated to ensure the smooth execution of your event
  • Are we allowed to have a second visit before our wedding?
    A second visit with one of our representatives is possible based on the manor's availability. Please note that a fee of $75 will be added to your final bill for this visit
  • When do we need to provide the final count of our guests?
    30 days before the wedding day
  • Where can we find wedding planning forms?
    You can find wedding planning forms on our website in the 'Member' section. The password will be provided to you upon signing your contract
  • When do we have to pay the final bill?
    30 days before your event
  • If one of your guests decides not to attend your wedding, is it possible to get a refund?
    No, once you have submitted the form 30 days before your wedding, no refunds will be possible
  • What is the outcome if we don't meet the minimum required number of guests?
    In that case, you will be required to cover the costs corresponding to the minimum required number of guests in their entirety.
  • What decoration is included in our wedding booking?
    The decoration included in your reservation consists of wooden logs for centerpieces and an arch available for the ceremony
  • Will we have access to the reception room upon arrival?
    No, the reception hall will already be set up upon your arrival at the manor for your wedding reception
  • Where should we have our meals if the reception hall is not available?
    You can have your meals in the lounge, the game room, and on the terrace if the reception hall is not available
  • Are there tables available for our meals outside of the wedding reception?
    No, if you wish to have additional tables beyond those provided for the wedding reception, you will need to bring folding tables to set up in our common areas
  • When will the ceremony space be set up?
    The ceremony space will be set up on the day of your wedding before 1 PM
  • How much time in advance can we decide to relocate the ceremony to the bridal barn if the weather is uncertain and the ceremony is scheduled to be outdoors?
    If you have chosen an outdoor ceremony, you can change the location based on the weather at no cost up to one hour before the ceremony. However, it's important to consider the time required for professionals to move their equipment. Please note that in case of delay, there will be a charge of $250 per hour. It is advisable to make your decisions promptly accordingly.
  • If there is a delay in scheduling my wedding day, are there any additional costs?
    Yes, in the event of a delay, a fee of $250 per hour will be deducted from your security deposit or added to your bill
  • Is confetti, whether indoors or outdoors, allowed?
    No, the use of confetti is prohibited. In case of a violation of this rule, a cleaning fee of $350 will be deducted from your security deposit
  • Do you have a sound system we can use?
    No, a sound system is available only if you choose our DJ service. However, we do have a basic Bluetooth-connected sound system in the bar for your use
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